Another Florida City Hit By Cyber Attack

A small Florida municipality in the village of Key Biscayne joined Baltimore, Atlanta, and other Sunny states, becoming the victim of a cyber attack.

Unlike other states, they didn ‘t realize the cause was a virus. The attack took place on 23 June, prompting the village to temporarily shut down some of its computer systems. They returned to paper as a backup, while court teams determine the scope of the attack, rural administration chief Andrea Aga told The Miami Herald. Agha said the network managed to be established by June 26.

On 27 June this year, the council met and approved an additional amount of funding to pay for the services of an external IT provider that helps the village rebuild the attack.

Florida cities have been particularly affected over the past few weeks with Riviera Beach and Lake City they had to pay a ransom for their cyberattacks when they failed to recover their encrypted files from the extortion embedded in their systems.

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