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An NSW man played a role in the international medical operation of Darknet

An international drug dealer targeting the operation led to the arrest of suspected Australian police
Published by the Pharmacy Association
Police arrived from New South Wales. Dozens of cases were reported because the package led to the arrest and indictment of the
suspects in 45 cases.
These costs range from drug distribution, import, and conspiracy.

The drug seller is suspended

Investigators from the Eastern Regional Police Command created a vacuum force called Bergmark in response to the intrusion.
The accused drug package is included in the accused’s association. In protest, as the Australian Federal Police Australia
The Australian Border Force, the National Police Crime Command and many local police units. lawyer
Police officials are also assisting in the operation, he said in a statement.

[Australian Australia Limits
The judiciary is known for its ability to detect drugs for dozens of packaged medicines from across Europe.
All Australian Aussie defense packages are mainly from New South Wales, Western Australia, Australia and the area.
South Australia. The package includes methamphetamine, MDMA, cocaine, and ketamine. Lawyers, not trained
He took the first six pounds of pills, one pound of ketamine, five liters, or MDMA, 800 grams.
Crystalline MDMA, half a pound of methamphetamine and half a kilo of cocaine.

The real thing is
Much of the information published in the media is similar to the information published after the arrest of two international
Turkish businessman on a cruise by Australian Federal Police. The operation is intended for international tourists.
Some sell ecstasy pills, MDMA, ketamine, and cocaine. Two investigative procedures were performed.
Recently, drugs found in New South Wales, and men with testosterone in the crowd complained sold.
Drugs (or hormones).

However, both traders sell large volumes of gas. So readers can remember the body
Lamborghini Gallardo crashed. Even Gallardo is on the expensive list!
Lamborghinis (and their favorite sports cars) do not belong to such a vehicle. It is not
Traders called Bergmark Strike Force demanded less money.

During a search of the 33-year-old house, police found $ 70,000 and $ 350,000.
Encryption: they also sent gems, cell phones and computers. He then turned the man over to Waveley police
Availability and management of medicines, kits of 45 degrees, management and treatment of any criminal organization
Police are investigating how the crime took place in an unknown place and the documents were seized.
depending on the economic performance of the organization.

Earlier this year, police arrested a man involved in drug trafficking. Manalso lived to be 33 years old
in the testing environment. Police arrested the new suspect and asked him to wait
When he heard about it, he went to prison.

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