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An Australian boy orders thousands of ecstasy from the dark Internet

Updated May 27, 2019

A team of Austrian pharmacists bought thousands of amphetamines, amphetamines, LSD, LSD and other drugs from Tropper in the dark.
Internet, the owner found it in late March.

Federal police arrest an Australian-aged Australian bus in Brouna
It was revealed that another local girl had undergone major surgery to deliver medicine to her parents.
In the same area, on the morning of March 29, city police found a young man and stopped him.
Issue. When he was arrested, the 16-year-old immediately provided information about the charges to his donor.

Police complain that a young man is a pool police officer
There are also pills for illegal birth control pills
Property. He faces prosecution and imprisonment
Perhaps 16-year-olds answered the researchers’ questions. He said
The police officer who sold him had police enthusiasm
Management Bag. The police do not even know about the drug trafficker
It can be easy to find yourself in front of a teenager
The suspect should be questioned within a few hours.

According to media reports, police recently found a suspect moving on the highway when a man reported the theft.
Police stopped him and confiscated his bicycle. The 16-year-old drug dealer now has 22 pills in his pocket
A small amount of cooling is placed in a crystalline form or shape such as MDMA. He was later arrested on suspicion of drug
Police on a bicycle found the house where the girl lived. They searched the house and found it
Illegal choice during an attack on a teenager’s bed.

Police previously found 932 ecstasy pills and the same label, 132 different pstasis pills.
Number of tablets, 20 grams of MDMA and unpublished mushrooms. Mushrooms according to the police
Individual use in children over 16 years. Researchers after researching electronic youth equipment
He confirmed that drug traffickers were accused of taking at least 1,800 black nets. more
A compressed disk becomes a happy disk. Some tablets contain codeine or other opioids. Young people took it
At least 250 grams of hashish, 75 grams of amphetamine, several bottles of cocaine containing morphine, a small amount of LSD and
a small amount
Enlargement of brain fungi. The drug trade incident is an indicator of drug use
mushroom, wants to know if the authorities plan to sell at least one of these drugs
Police found the distance.

16 years of drug use
The Australian government knows how to buy products illegally
Products from Austria. Use a black grid
Advertising for drug delivery. mine
Police say the children bought the drugs and sold them to others
Young people under the age of 16 in Upper Austria
then arrested. The drug dealer was arrested
costs associated with the distribution of various mixed products
Stolen buses and construction materials. A small child
accused of possessing something under his control
Found a wonderful painting.

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Blood is traded from patients with pain from coronavirus regeneration suspension