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An 11-year-old laptop full of viruses sold for $ 1.3 million

Updated July 18, 2019

Backpack models and bestsellers were sold over Internet technology for more than $ 1.3 million.

Onosa onosa [
Gu O Dong has been on the 10.2-inch Samsung Netbook since 2008.
Those with six different proteins believe so
It costs $ 95 billion in damage to information systems around the world

Computer ILOVEYOU [the disease originated in the Philippines
He also chaired the Hong Kong Parliamentary Program in Parliament in 2000
LOVEYOU was named, look for employees who are looking for love.

It’s said to be MyDoom [which sends red worms to email
for the fastest reference, it first appeared in North America in 2004. One in 12 emails is reported at the top.

The laptop is also iSoBig [
A type of Trojan worm that spreads via email as a malicious attack
they can damage all equipment. Millions have been affected
Internet connection, software for Windows PC 2003 and Microsoft
Donate $ 250,000 per hour for worm information
producer. The user was not found

There is also DarkTequelia, a virus that has been active since 2013 and is used to attack Mexican bank customers.
BlackEnergy [a harmful product
2015 is in Ukraine and is probably the most popular, WannaCry
[The NHS is suffering and getting sicker and sicker
public, private and international organizations worldwide in 2017

Eventually, the card was sold to an unexpected buyer for $ 1.3 million and taken from a lab in New York. speaks
Before the sale, Guo stated that he wants to learn how to pursue anger against bad people.

Parts of the programs are so abstract that they are almost embarrassing.
Funny and scary names, but I think they promote the Internet and IRL
There is no place, he said. The virus is real
I go online and bite you.

Gu was initially trained as an actor, but focused on his activities
The technology was used 12 years ago. It also includes many projects
Hipster boyfriend and Seguey in Brooklyn
Under the control of his foot, he showed it. It has also improved
A cute shoe with headlines from Chinese newspapers and Twitter
The name and address have been changed to the Chinese version.

Translation is like online transitions
– from pleasant emotions and comfort to the necessary stress and fear
This has changed from a basic online link to an online link.
Guo told you. I use a computer, I am still on the internet:
Different systems or companies where I work

Guo said the entire port of the car was blocked to prevent the spread of malware.

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