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Alternative conversion tests using two old devices on a mobile phone

In the blog post, security researchers say that many mobile operators do not ask serious security questions to protect
The appellant is a legitimate mobile phone user.

Researchers reported on a previous Princeton study in which researchers conducted about 50 experiments in five U.S. states prior
to the survey. Dan. States.
Telecommunications can transfer the stolen number (correctly) to the SIM card.

Research has shown that in most cases the threatened actor wants to answer a question only when the client asks him.
The service representative resets the password on the account and transfers the previous number.

We also found that callers simply need to respond to a challenge for verification
They have lost many previous challenges. In each operator, the procedures were generally consistent, albeit nine times
From two operators, CSRs are checked as containing no call information or filtered account information
Prior to approval, the report indicates.

With the phone number, the user can reset the password by calling the victim’s bank.
Uncle account

Fishlab researchers say the attack, which deleted Sikbase’s accounts, was necessary.
The cryptocurrency is about 100,000. That’s it. Dollars.

He said the 2FA method could reduce the risk of intimidation of the following organizations, which could not be implemented

Unlike 2FA phone-based identification software or 2FA-based devices, users must have a token
Researchers say that social engineering can help reduce the risk of serious problems.
Mobile Trip SIM can reduce exceptions by requiring additional features as proof of remote operation.

CSO and Outpost24 Martin Jartelius claimed that the British SC media used SMS as a basis for payment.
Add providers.

To minimize these threats, use a second option, such as extensions or software.
Microsoft or Google. Keep in mind that two things need to be used in processing, namely the reorganization of the actual use
Applications and phone numbers can be the most risky option, as they can reduce the security of all situations

David Richardson, chief product officer, said employees need to check their current accounts.
Good storage, such as a PIN code or other security feature

If possible, avoid using SMS for double warranty purposes. There are several approved programs that support them.
A similar service, SMS messaging, is dangerous, but it is not used as 2FA and not always
– Use non-SMS software based on other messages.

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