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Advertisers at lusconi markets at the door throw themselves in the towel

darknet Advertisers at lusconi markets at the door throw themselves in the towel
Darknet Advertisers at lusconi markets at the door throw themselves in the towel

We will be counting on October 2. As the online broadcast of dark news, we are always the first, tell others
Print out sentences and pictures, so be careful.

Berlusconi, the third largest black businessman, had a serious problem when he realized that a model could not communicate.
Server in the past two weeks. It is advertised when customers are not trapped in the store.

It all started a week ago when we saw an increase in most of the traffic to our website and Berlusconi.
Business page. All consumers complain that the captcha does not allow them to enter the store. The market is required
Users can pre-decipher the captcha type before validating their abilities. However, users were directed to the same captcha page
as them
Wrong solution. One user said I was beaten against Antidope, others? I just have a good experience
So far Someone else added that it was recently caught in a protected DOS CAPTCHA application. Nobody wants to solve the problem,
nobody wants new information on leaving the illegal place. Writer
We receive hundreds of complaints about this every day. The situation is critical and there are no users
It needs a negative addition.

A few days later we saw the state of the PR market in Berlusconi. says

> Please don’t ask about R&D, as we had so many opportunities to get rid of fraud, we brought back 300,000 traders who resorted to
Funded over the past 8 days, our goal at OPSEC is to be the only attack the server can access, and this was done before 7 p.m.
In the days when we were offline, everyone admitted it was opposition, but it wasnt. We need time. Remember we are the target
numbers for the Egyptian pound
We must take steps after the review to ensure the safety of our customers and our customers.
Such a situation is intolerable, because we are building a hybrid system to buy and insure Berlusconi online.
We can join the millions of Berlusconi brokers on the Triangle program over the past few years and say “Damn you all.” But we can
We guarantee that every euro and pen deposit is safe and complete. If the driver doesnt connect with us, we leave
Berlusconi is another broadcaster and our cold room manager is safe in such cases, so we know our monthly income
We have a balance of twelve months cold rooms, no money, nothing to lose. It is not an easy task to handle
It is the biggest one-off sale of all year, unlike other financial markets. I hope you dont leave
It is an opposition to getting enough money to be happy for the rest of our lives. But not. We are here for you and we are here
for you only
Buyer and Seller, We support every project originating from Darknet because we love you, you are our family,
There was love because Berlusconi Marketplace is hosting CyberBunker, no, its not! We can say that directly
Berlusconi’s servers are secure on the Internet. Captcha does not allow us to use our V3 version due to OPSec guidelines.
Let the false accusations tarnish our reputation that we have gathered since 2016! We have seen how many people have created the
He says they are the first and will fight to the end. We didnt put it under our noses and didnt tell you! We tried it. is
Don’t worry it affects the formation of anxiety! Wait for Putin to join Captcha and reunite with him
Our servers measure the OPSEC counters we all have to do!

Report from PR Berlusconi Market
The public relations member’s statement was not reliable in this case as we have seen before
One business speaker. They do not have access to the server administrator / administrator and are not properly connected
Managers. On the other hand, consumers are intimidated because all their money is in the market. Confusion
This was understandable.

On October 2, we got a message from berlusconi way that the problem is bigger than no captcha.
Action. He said he had failed to contact management members for the past two weeks. He thinks they might be
Arrest, kill, or something else. The message I am sending is signed with the name pgp so there is a lot of clue for us but we have
not sent this yet
This is because the Berlusconi market has suffered from hat issues in the past, so we thought we needed to improve a little.
Long before you describe the situation.

So, I have been posting comments on our berlusconi page to inform scared users about the current situation.
The market is closing soon.

> Berlusconi market will be available on October 2, 2019 at 12.47, this time we will meet.
We can provide evidence, so we have to wait for the story to end well.

Row: A PR4 Berlusconi Market member said that we also have a support system in a non-cheating environment.
Market issues are a real problem in the life of our director Vladimir Putin, and they will be online in the next few days.
No, and we do not take care of our customers and suppliers.

Remember: People who interact with people in this group only talk in the market. He did not have the chance to help. The same goes
for your ad
There is no benefit in that.


Our data released on October 2
Darnets October 2 Edition [
The first message and email window he received on October 2 was a message from Darnest.
Maud Berlusconi, 2 October 2019 We still believe that e-mails from young people are not sufficient evidence to report an arrest.
Cheats for Berlusconi fans. He said in a statement

Did you know that we currently have a problem with captcha? The real problem facing the bosses is that they both get lost.
Last week (before the problem occurred) and the server could not be contacted, the problem cannot be fixed. You should go with the
I think there are no lies but the result is the same. We tried to break the lid to touch and
Users can withdraw their money, but it is not easy.
We don’t know what happened to our boss. They were arrested, killed or whatever.
We hope to visit it in the next few days, but probably not every day.
But we will send it to you.

I want it to be the best

Emanuel Macron, Acting CEO of Berlusconi Market

The usual Berlusconi Market message from Emmanuel Macron
On October 2, we get a screenshot from Berlusconi mode [
What is the picture of the email we received on October 2 from Berlusconi? The situation is still unclear. And then
If you take the situation seriously, I dont think theres any way.
Because of access to investment and similar to other markets, they withdrew and survived corruption.
the present. On the other hand, if we have Berlusconi, we use the front server to generate the captcha and the back server.
If properly covered, it will withstand a wide range of adverse conditions. We are waiting for now
The servers are working properly and the captcha is working well, but the front servers are not responding to the requirements of
the front server.
The progress of the broadcast is displayed. This means that server recovery will be on the market soon
A server server can be a storage server in the data centers of another country.

At the time of writing this article, we are still one hundred percent uncertain what happened to the market or its leaders. That’s
all we know
The situation is not working very well. A two-week absence is an issue that cannot be ignored and attracts attention
Now lets focus on just one thing. We will soon see an ad in this market that says the This
Market is connected.

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