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Activities used for inviting Google Calendar and phishing attacks

Updated 18 July 2019

Depending on searchers, how to use invitations and events in Google Calendar or spam collecting packages.

The procedure is simple: an entry point based on a man
The URL corresponding to the URL calls for deeper stealing
It is sent to Gmail or G Suite users. For consistency, the smartphone
Gmail only integrates events with its calendar and notification users
Through the online popup. If users click on this link, they will be redirected to the e-phishing site (phishing).
If the malware is taken automatically. It looks like pops
Users are more reliable with the Google Calendar app
Contact them and inappropriate email filters allowed in Gmail
Party again.

Cybercrosec sends invitations to the diake URL, says researcher Kaspersky
Maria Virgelli, in the last blog post
[Picture is a window
A call notification pops up on the display of this smartphone and you receive an invitation to click on the link.
The targeted site invites victims to enter credit card information and add more information
Scams are sent directly.

Kaspersky’s investigators see examples that lead to a false investigation
Users, details of where you received the cash gift,
Or transfer money to you.

Naaman Hart, co-founder of Digital Custody’s security department,
British media are reporting that the news reflects a broader trend: attacks
The user also returns a baseline security value.
Application developers. In this case, Google wants to reward us.
Pay attention to something by asking for advice as soon as we receive it
The invitation calendar H. Annoying appearance standard for all people
Current applications and notifications require constant attention.
Tower. Bayangno comfortable if it was a random participant
Have you ever asked a refreshment question?

Users need to get more control over their relationship with the application.
The most important warning method should be small for us during installation.
Not just someone else. This gives you the added benefit of improving your life.
Balance and reduced pressure. The opposite is true
Smart devices are certainly at risk
sleep and fertility.

Boris Sipot, a Synopsis security engineer, warned
And be careful when it works for trusted applications:
Ask questions about each letter and invitation you receive. In that case
Ask those who should this invitation if you look weird, bad or strange
If this is sent. Don’t click on the link or attachment and look at it
Report another phishing scam: bad words, advertising
We recommend eliminating the translation, URL unknown, etc. If in doubt. how
Wong Spurian indicates that self-promotion is not your friend in these situations.
Therefore, this means that you allow your calendar loan program to automatically invite you
This is a calendar, but it is better to look at it and add it in a different way.

Google Terms of Service and
Product policies prohibit the distribution of content for our products.
We also want to prevent and activate services
Torture of the spam war was an unending war, and so were we
It progresses well and sometimes looks like spam.

We are committed to protecting all users against spam:
We scan image content for spam and allow users
Report spam to your calendars, forms, Google Drive, and Google Photos
Therefore, the unsolicited sender does not communicate with them during the video year. We will do it
Provide security to users by alerting them to known malware
Secure URL Filters secure URLs with Google Chrome.

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