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Accessibility of statistical data and further insights into the Silkkitie market related to the seizure of dark websites.

According to Finnish officials, drug and tax trafficking in Greece has increased.

The agency said more than 7,800 people had been abducted since the attack
Prescription dressings over 1700 kg or about 700 kg
Compared to 2018

The agency also received more than 2,000 drugs
There has been an increase in 389 cases compared to 281 cases
Missing last year.

Late last year, authorities announced that thousands of cases of online drug trafficking on the Silk Road had been investigated by
Finnish customs, the National Investigation Council and the police. .

Valhalla, a dark website, started selling drugs and other illicit goods in 2013. Staff caught up with a SilkyCity server in May
last year.

Customs are tasked with bringing in about 7,000 cases a year.
Often dark websites with holiday medications and stimulants.
Drugs and Drugs

Abandonment of customs
Economic crimes will save 33 33 million in 2019
Trying to be ruthless will help the community at 66 million
The agencies’ public relations reports were released Friday.

Cannabis after waking up

Last, last, last
The increase in the number of kidnappings in the last year is partly due to the increase in the number of kidnappings.
Earrings and accessories come from Africa and
In the Middle East, it has properties similar to amphetamine
You are idiot.

According to a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health and Welfare last year, the cannabis species is becoming more
popular in Finland.

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He said that last year he produced more than 255 kilograms, which is the highest.
Mostly from the age of 13. The agency seized about 33 kg of cocaine and 1 kg
Heroin Depression. Years ago, heroin had only one attack
Part of recent years.

According to a report published in
On Friday, Dodecim Medical Company scored no.
In 2003, the problem of drug smugglers in the country doubled to 15,000.
In 2012, there were about 30,000 in 2017

Another end of the spectrum
Customs officers confiscated 24 kilograms of methamphetamine or amphetamine pills.
Less than 22kg last year, traditionally.
It has recently declined in Finland

Recipes, tobacco and beverages

117,000 drugs were seized and half were imported into the group of retrovilatory sedatives.

Illegal imports of illegal tobacco products are on the rise. According to customs officials, they caught 5,000 kilograms in 2019
alone, which is double two years ago. According to some parts of Finland, the sale of packaged products and smuggling has become a
full-time job.

He said he bought 2.7 million cigarettes last year
It is the same as in previous years. At the same time, the industry has evolved
300 alcoholic drinks were delivered and 9,700 liters collected
They have been drinking since they came and ate 10400 liters of alcohol
The drinks were sent to Finland.

The authorities also revealed experts
Tax corruption has increased, the highest in the past five years
This year, the department presented a sales tax return of $ 1,360 – $ 149
He is in the works.

Most taxes are included
The violation is related to the damage of the imported goods
It rains as usual.

In 2018, the department investigated 1,294 tax-related matters.

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It is safe to download or save files with unauthorized content