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A wealthy personal burglar buys credit cards at a Seattle bank

Updated on 18 September 2019

He was accused of cheating on his credit card and stealing his personal information.
The cost for local companies is about $ 100,000.

Donova Park, 22, is also charged with other theft in the area.

The basis of the new project is some of the most brilliant designers.
Pictures show several cats were sold in tents for $ 12,000
Storage information and credit cards will be modified to obtain some of them
Stealing a guitar is a theft.

The boy is watching the episodes, says Josh Ihler from Kenelly Keys.

Park bought a Carl Wilson Signature Rickenbacker 360CW electric guitar for $ 1,800.

It has a debit card that can earn many points
If there is a card, there is a lot of information about the credit card thief and the debit card
said Ihler.

But Keelly Keys is not the only purpose of distribution.

It was claimed that Park also got a guitar and a “Downdown” today.
American music buys guitars for up to 12,000. In relation to the case
After trying to sell Rickenbacker to the park
The guitar has been in the middle of a burglary.

Eller said he thought he had a red flag

I don’t want to use the reading chip in my contact table, it was too much
He wanted to make his way through the profession, Eller said.

The Criminal Record says that when you cut your finger instead of the chip, the park can cheat you for theft.
Debit card from your personal debit card.

Places received $ 72,000 from the park
There are many Costco stores from Linwood to Seattle to Kirkland.

The park is reported to have laptops, jewelry worth several thousand dollars and diamond earrings.

This is not Donvan’s first question. In April, he was charged with 19 counts of robbery on the Eastside.

He came several times and drove in a luxury car
There seems to be no point in making money, John Brown
Crete broke down

The detective said he bought more than $ 8 million from Porcelain Jeweler.

He allegedly bought stolen account numbers from a black network and paid coins.

Seattle police have seized Eastlake Arces Forces Rental Park with false information and credit cards.

On August 28, allegations were received about the park.

The royal district court said the park was released from prison in April and not released.

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