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A violent dark pedophile named ThePedoMan has been sentenced to 41 months in federal prison

A federal court has ruled in favor of a Georgia child pornography site named ThePedoMan for teen pornography.

Loganville, Ga .; John McCurdy-Walker was jailed for one month, the Justice Department said Wednesday.
Prison McCarthy has previously pleaded guilty to child pornography.

The DOJ alleges that in December 2015, McCardy used the computer in a lawsuit filed in court.
An electronic communication system that allows children to access 1,150,000 to 30,000 photos, watch videos and take pictures
Great examples for kids, including pornography.

According to the DOJ, McCarthy has admitted to viewing pornographic material and accessing child pornography through the dark
Internet since he was 14 years old.
Under the name ThePedoMan.

The FBI and the International Criminal Court (ICAC) are investigating the case.

Law enforcement officers are careful at all levels of prosecution and arrest of offenders and child molesters.
The United States advocates continuing to prosecute acts related to pornography and pornography.
Speaker Charlie Piller. Proper play of child prostitution.
I thank the FBI and GBI for their efforts in protecting children from Georgia.

Violence against children does not end with gossip. Whenever you want
Chris Macardy has these photos, and seeing that they are satisfied, this boy has been beaten, Chris says.
Hacker, submitted exclusively to the University of Atlanta. The FBI is committed to protecting our damaged property

The Federal system is a waste of time.


Walton County, Georgia, on a child pornography site known as ThePedoMan, was sentenced to 41 months in federal court.
In jail Charles Charlie Pilar, US Attorney A.F. For the northern part of Georgia. John McCary, A / C / John
McCready-Walker, 27, of Loganville, Georgia, pleaded guilty to theft.
On 9 October 2019, Child Judge A.S. K. Royal’s obscenity and belief. No federal speech.

Weavers at all levels are not yet working under the supervision and arrest of workers and landowners.
The United States states that the United States is a pornographic country in Georgia and we will continue to prosecute it.
Prosecutor Charlie Pilar. The murderers are watching pornography of innocent children and are horribly abused.
I want to thank the FBI and GBI for their work in protecting Georgia’s children.

Child abuse will not stop as soon as pornography is recorded. Everyone loves it
McCurdy took these pictures and thought they were admiring him personally, the kids were depressed and Chris then nodded.
Logger, FBI Special Prosecutor’s Office. The FBI has always prioritized the protection of our weakest assets

For security reasons, GBI and Georgia IACC work closely with local, state and federal partners.
Our children are said to be Debbie Garner, a paid special envoy and commander of the IAC team in Georgia. Dedicated network
There is a law firm that investigates the ownership, distribution and production of electronic media for the sexual exploitation
of children.
We try to find and rape everyone who rapes our son.

Based on the facts presented to the court, on December 3, 2015, McCardi had previously used a computer or a social media
Computer access, image storage and review services and remittance for 150 to 300 children.
Image of a pregnant baby. According to the information sent to the court, McCurry agreed to see him
Get children’s models from the age of 14 and through a dark network of usernames
Pedo Male. McDay’s defense advocated a reduction in the various procedures that federal courts should expect
Fill. The court rejected this request.

Georgia’s FBI and IACC are investigating the problem. American lawyer Lindy M.
Freeman blamed the government for the case. Questions from United Nations representatives can be directed to Pamela Lights.
Attorney General, (478) 621-2603 or Melissa Hodge, Public Official (Contractor), USA An attorney.
Office, (478) 765-2362.

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