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A U.S. sister accused by a state court of running a blind company on a blind website

darknet A U.S. sister accused by a state court of running a blind company on a blind website
Darknet A U.S. sister accused by a state court of running a blind company on a blind website

Updated July 18, 2019

The drug is used in drug problems in the United States, nurses said
The High Court appeared in Sacramento last week after lawyers sold more than 20,000 opioids.
Take products, including dead fentanyl, from dirty cells.

Of course, forty-four year old nurse Carrie Marquis is right
Drugs are selected and sold to consumers
Ogbogu Okonji, Magagin 41.

According to an American lawyer, Macris worked for 52 years
Andrea Jordan Jordan, an old Elk Grove, sells opioids
The drugs are listed by local drug dealers and their owners
Issue. Jordan Jordan was arrested by China during a trial.

During the survey – the customer’s store
The store also offered to sell its products in different Tor marketplace
From 2013 to 2016. It included the Silk Road 2.0
AlphaBay and Pandora. Based on personal stories about these issues
In the Bitcoin trade, the Marquis made between $ 74,000 and $ 230,000
Thousands of tablets of fruit juice.

According to police, toilet inspections
As a result, they lost about $ 1.8 million worth of bitcoins in January
$ 234,000 in cash. If he supports the Marquis’ conviction, he has 20 eyes
One year in prison and a $ 1 million fine.

This issue has been included in the federal investigation
Research drug sales on the Darknet market and on websites
Supplier research is collaboration
FBI, USA About Lena. Legal Department, Office for Combating Drugs,
National Security and Investigation of the United States. This. Post office.

As a result of the joint operation, 14 people were arrested
Four charges were brought against the saint
The prosecutor said the same thing happened last week
He also charged three suspects in Chandler, Arizona
Forecast of selling methamphetamine and heroin in the dark.

He said this in a recent report by U.S. Attorney McGregor Scott
Anyone who engages in illegal transactions
Dark Network, you need to understand that you have federal law enforcement
Agents in their teams from all over the country and across the country.
Dark grid of anonymous full disguise
Or protection.

It is still unclear who is responsible for the Marquise representation. A
Request feedback from the Sacramento Federal Public Service
The Security Advisor was not immediately removed.

Donald J. Trump plans to end the opioid epidemic:

Donald J. After Trump’s decision, yes he said, the number of successful drug dealers in the black months has increased in recent
In August 2018, the United States allocated $ 2 million for the first campaign for drug law enforcement agencies
201 In America Americans will suffer from illicit opioid addiction. The campaign focuses on the fight against drugs
Trading through Tor marketplace, which significantly contributed to the spread of opioid addiction among young Americans. | | Next
In particular, the proliferation of drugs in a dark network or cryptographic market, fentanyl, a
Opioids of recent years. Prescribed fentanyl is sometimes used for various medical purposes,
Currently fentanyl abuse is the leading cause of death in the United States. Ring in very dark American fentanyl
The sellers have been arrested in recent months. In any case, most fentanyl is manufactured in the United States
China then sent emails to US users using Bitcoin.

Last August, the Department of Justice, DEA, FBI and the United States. Participating Postal Service.
Operation Dark Fall, which ends with the arrest of San Antonio, Holly and Matthew Roberts, runs in the dark
The market helps sell fentanyl and other drugs. The media described these two as such
Black fentanyl buyers train drug traffickers and cheat them
Like a website selling jewelry. Finally, they blame themselves for abusing other drugs

With the Tor marketplace disaster last year, the United States narrowed the gap.
Drug dealers and Dream Market’s decisions to close their premises are rare
Direct marketing, if any.

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