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A Sheffield pharmacist sells MDMA purchased from a dark place

The Sheffield Chronicle court heard on July 2 that James Hamshaw, 27, was arrested after he arrested 34 non-resident MDMA
Police found their former partner at Crescent House in Parsons Crossing, Sheffield.

Judge Sarah Wright told Hamshe: The police arrested you at MDMA and agreed to deliver the pills directly.
Another thing. He was a tram.

Hams was there after police raped him on Jan. 15, 2019, prosecutor Andrew Smith said.
Found in 34 MDMA records from the previous CIS table.

According to, Hamsh Dark has agreed to buy 250 albums and sell 5 products for a profit.
Shriman. Smith.

All were charged with intentionally using Class A MDMA and receiving MDMA in November.
In 2018 and 2019

Mark Dawley’s lawyer said the Hamshow tablet was sold by many acquaintances, including Audio.
Via Facebook or Message

Dolly made a good move from the laboratory services of a drug addict.
They are with an additional support group

Judge Wright has repeatedly stated that punishment is limited and responds to current public order.
Through a court decision

He was sentenced to two years in prison and 150 hours in prison.

Judge Wright said, “I will give you the opportunity to use the time allotted to the court.

Remember you get this opportunity because you can’t protest two years in prison or longer.

Former privateer Mika Hepworth, 28, was charged with crimes against a shotgun sculpture, according to Chaplain.
According to Smith, Reis is MDMA after receiving a pill in the same order as Hemshaw.

Judge Wright, impressed by the way Hepworth works and cares for the family, sentenced him to 12 months in prison.

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