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A new phishing program disguised by e-mail companies to steal company documents

The coffin fights fraud for high-level fishing that raises wages to eliminate workers
The power of Microsoft 365 Office.

Fake emails differ from other types used in phishing attacks, but they come from monitoring the organization.
Phishing is a company that writes for phishing, a means of payment to a payment company everywhere.
Defense Center.

Of course, it is not uncommon for companies to increase wages throughout the year. As a result, it is very rare
Send similar boxes until they appear in the staff box. “Human curiosity encourages users to click on the main link.”

Increasing the wedge increases the net fishing routine
Online email phishing is a very important way to convince recipients that a combined report is associated with the following
They are actually pointing to an external URL.

Website malicious open and show a list of objectives to be logged 365 computer, where they receive an email.
The address indicates the location of the domain, so you only need a password. This is an example of many automated templates. and
The appraiser works for the purpose and has access to the format of 365 corporate companies.

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Italian police have announced that they have attacked the Berlin market

One Dream Market suspect who sells drug-related charges has confessed to selling fentanyl online.