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A new phishing mechanism for graft messages from the company’s human resources department to steal company logos

Scammers are often involved in witchcraft fraud, which increases employee pay.
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Suspension is slightly different from identity theft, unless it is a private company.
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Of course, this is not uncommon, as companies grow throughout the year. As a result, it is not uncommon
This e-mail is displayed in the employee box. “A lot of interest in users forcing them to click on links,” he wrote.

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Email Identity Theft – The first key is to persuade the recipient to link to a SharePoint report.
It is directed to another foreign URL.

After opening a malicious website, Destination Space 365 has an incorrect landing page. People write here
The address is linked to the username page, so enter your password. Its like most self-fulfilling painters. Clip
This forces the attacker to reach his target and now has access to the 365 account.

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Italian police have announced the Berlusconi market

darknet The other accused in the Dream Dealer's drug dealings case has admitted to selling Fentanyl in the dark.

The other accused in the Dream Dealer’s drug dealings case has admitted to selling Fentanyl in the dark.