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A new phishing attack is targeting the UK financial sector

In a new type of attack, HTML cheats are used as server interpreters
At the heart of cyber security. Attack with attachments
Emails sent to users are immediate
Sites are dangerous after users are sensitive
Personal information.

This type of scam is used by SHTML files
JavaScript code attachment that captures URL code
Confidential and confidential users.

Mimecast Hazard Center team in early April
Warning for problems. Tomas Kojm Chief Engineer
Mexico explains that the pair was innocent
Customers should not live in an area of danger
We offer advanced technology, but it is important for the company
Simple lessons still work. This is a big challenge for the organization
Do your best to keep your system safe.

The hunt is aimed specifically at the United Kingdom (55)
Australia (31%) and South Africa (11%),
Especially in finance, accounting and higher education. Yours
The Mimecast team used key information to create a threat
You must display all messages with a specific SHTML. To build
That is, Mimecast gateways can detect and intercept all emails
Use special scam attacks. Within two months
Protection goes up and more than a hundred users are protected
This attack could result in financial loss.

Injury [
When it comes to attack, fishing becomes more frequent
Problems that do not spread quickly. Avoid them
Good for defense and defense against attack, avoiding communication
Your email was not mentioned before or you didn’t know
Andal. When in doubt, Kozum began to follow the rules
Ignore, delete and report. He was offered a large company
Teach each employee to send a different negative message
Go to your box.

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