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A man in California has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for selling the identity of a doctor

On Monday, a Riverside County man was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
Imprisonment for stealing drug distribution center
At least nine DEA numbers and a birthday for doctors who use them
He later recommended taking Xicodan and other prescription medications
And ignorance.

Judge Christopher Lisenby, 29, U.S. District Judge Stephen Wills in Los Angeles was sentenced to life in prison.

According to an American lawyer, Lazenby in September rejected tax property for the distribution of methamphetamine and oxytocin.

Lazenby ended his plan by stealing at least his character
Nine doctors and one assistant doctor. Then he took the medicine
Law online is a legal device registration system everything
Doctors deliver it to his mailbox in South Los Angeles

Lazenby changed the direction of one of the doctors to explain his health
According to documents, the office of Motel 6 in Inglo is one room
Los Angeles Federal Courts

Along with the official version, Lazenbi is a new doctorate
The signature of the title and of the false title according to medical regulations
Oxycodone, Hydrocodone and Adderall will be sent to the intended address
Separately, guilty. After you get it
Lazenby used a black spot and posted Craigslist on medications
Sell medicines.

Lazenby was arrested March 3, 2018. at his hotel
Saying that you are tired of the wrong words. Find the hotel room
Police seized 196 narcotics cars
Methamphetamine, oxygen and codon pads, prescriptions
Identify the identity of the thief and the plastic stamp on the victim’s name
The doctors showed evidence.

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