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A former New Haven doctor accused him of prescribing oxycodone tablets in exchange for innocent money

Filed September 18, 2019

He worked at Yale Hospital in New Haven and was a former physician after his cases were investigated
A report on the charges brought against him by the federal government is not required for importing drugs from an anonymous

Jennifer Farrell, 37, Chapel Hill;
He was arrested in North Carolina on July 31 on federal charges, including 32 others
It monitors the spread of drugs and drug abuse without legal action


The investigation began after he called the woman
In March, he said his letter was ready at the New Haven pharmacy
Recently, the woman had not visited a doctor and had not cared for him
Criminal court required. think about it
Remember something went wrong, she went to the pharmacy and found it
He did not wait for his union.

It’s close
A week later, Woman Rat received another transfer from the same store.
Treatment should be done. Yes
It was so expensive but in the drug market I saw a woman sitting there, it was a crime.
A complaint was lodged.

Farrell is a man
The second doctor called
Yale was inspired by Ni Ha Haven Hospital and Rat
At the pharmacy, he told researchers, not Freyl.

Witnesses, the woman was involved in the accident.
it is not. But she has been in the hospital for many years.
Since the accident.

He also told investigators that he believed a clean man had chosen his friend.
Treatment. When he sent a message to his friend, he received it.
Just like the integration leaders.

The attacker told Wen Mpyu police when DEA researchers applied the drug to patients.

Officials reported drug seizures in women
A user who uses a friend’s name pays Farrell
Give medication and prescribe medication.
These complaints speak for themselves.

On March 12, Farrell summoned the killer and asked him to do so.
Explain the history of the history.
Government articles

Pharrill said he thought other women had read the letter.
The suspect’s sister knows what happened.

Ferrell said she made money by getting medicine to show that her husband is ill.

Rex’s order regarding oxycodone was written by Ferrell VIII.
If people and doctors do not ask
The doctor told them

A very strange story
The moon
If scientists work during harvesting in the dark
This site is also available for legal updates.
Gay Pharrell First, she said she did not give up hope.

However, Ferrell will be one of the top ten strikers.
Dark in October 201 to March 201
Prescription drugs

When the doctor
On July 16, police confiscated 10 packets of fentanyl
This medicine was sent to Ferrell, who complied with his request
In addition to the Dark Web, the package condemned about 12 people
Listed in the call.

Connecticut Medical Certification Ltd.
Registration on June 25, his official permit is inactive, will not
According to the criminal report, he works for Yale Ni Ha Haven Health
File a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court. Contact persons with hot set.

He was released on 200,000 bail.

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