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A Florida man even bought dark details online and charged him with registering credit cards.

The debt affected twelve victims in Massachusetts and Maine
Four Florida residents report card fraud
Who denies the allegations in a U.S. district court after last Monday
Get out of here.

La Farid, 34, La Fad; Fla .; He was not charged with murder.
Two fraudsters have been charged with fraud
Identity theft against Judge M. Page Kelly.

Alice and her three friends were arrested for assaulting the victim
Information on obscure sites and their use for internal credit card registration
The name of the victim, according to yesterday’s complaint
Edward Phillips, U.S. Postal Inspector and Supervisor

Credit cards are used to buy them at Apple and Walmart
Buy from ATMs in Massachusetts and Maine,
According to the complaint.

Although all four accused conspirators are Florida citizens, & nbsp;
The complaint states that “the victims are intentional, usually living in the wild.”
Residences with thriving and diverse cities
Long laws to prevent investigations into victims of homeownership. ”

Suspicious lawmakers have registered a credit card here
The names of the victims and the United States Use access to information
A service that allows consumers to view their email
Track the receipt of the credit card in the victim’s mailbox,
According to media funding.

Credit card fraud occurred in mid-August
Also in competition are Concord, Sherborn, Norfolk and Weston in 2018 and January 2019
According to complaints such as South Portland, Maine.

Consider Alcasius Lucius ol Polon, 34, Luderhill, Flag.
On 18 February, he was convicted and convicted of similar charges
Years in prison.

Elsie and Apollo, as well as their aides Peter Pallon and Kevin Lewis, were charged in court. According to a Justice Department
report, Apollo was arrested the same month, and Elsie managed to escape.

Alecis is scheduled to appear in court on April 24. For the previous conference.

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