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A Chinese dealer seized 900 grams of the drug

It was in Xiamen, in China’s eastern Fujian province, police said.
On Thursday, two terrorists were arrested for participating, using black and bitcoins.
For international drug trafficking

At the end of May, police found a social media account in the dark.
The site sells expensive sweets and candy

He was arrested in the United States on June 1 following the investigation.
Hannan Province arrested two suspects and arrested them all.
900 grams of cannabis for breakfast

Cannabis growers use ingredients to make sweets and chocolates, police said.

Foreign smugglers smuggle drugs to China, where local smugglers sell and distribute them in the dark.
Customers in paradise.

Police say drug dealers use Bitcoin to buy expensive candy.
I sold a bar of chocolate for 1,600 yuan ($ 226) and one
380 yuan.

Trash and bitcoin are new ways to sell drugs, and so are they.
CIM police say they will also step up their internal investigation
Violations of the law, such as drug use.

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