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A Chinese cardholder was arrested in Bangkok on 60 clone cards

A 36-year-old American man has been arrested in Bangkok on charges of using an illegal credit card. Feng Yi Sheng was arrested
Friday at the local Lumpin Cooperative, Rama IX Road.

His arrest follows a bank complaint about the use of a credit card on the Chinego Bathan website.
Road to Nontabour County.

In the suspect’s room, police found 600 credit cards, initially receiving 228 letters from the applicant’s bank.
The information was obtained illegally from other Chinese cardholders.

Police also found four skimmers and a computer inside.

Paul Cole Paddle said the suspects and investigators were identified, were looking for the accused.

Bangkok has arrested an Indonesian spouse for credit card fraud.

Alexander Achilles, 32; Stolen credit card. Credit card Rostov, 33 years old, stolen
: The credit card screen is used to steal credit card information.

From the arrests, many banks reported that a police credit card fraud was organized.
House in the Bangkok rayon area Developers also buy computers. Deception device Twelve credit cards Two people stolen
Credit card; Four o’clock

The suspects were allegedly given information on a black website. The information was recorded in a fake pipe
Map. About 2 million poisons are bought with credit card debt.

In Thailand, many ATMs only spend a week without a prepaid card.

The theft problem is growing in Asia, not just for travelers. Identity in many Asian countries
He described the robbery as one of the worst crimes on the list of concerns, not terrorism.

This is not a good time to be a victim. Travelers have difficulty cutting credit cards
Identity stolen from their home. External calls and account recovery are under excessive pressure
The risk of hambo is the key to prevention to reduce exposure.

Although the most common form of theft is known in Asia, it is important to travel unobtrusively (e.g.
Save all the money, don’t use the internet), let constant care increase security.

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