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A California man who stole a medical certificate to order drugs and sell them in a dark chain has been sentenced to 10 years in prison

Riverside County man sentenced to 10 years in prison on Monday
Prison with video distribution program as part of it
DEA is used by 9 doctors and birthdays
Take it after the sale of cod and other medicines
In a dark cave.

Christopher Losonby, 29, from Los Angeles, has been charged with corruption and crime. Wilson is to blame.

According to the State Department, Snapback admitted he was responsible for the distribution of methamphetamine and oxide.

Losoneva abuses her role by stealing minimum codes
Noah was a doctor and a doctor. So he started using drugs
The online registration process is changing
The doctor’s address was in a letterbox he rented in South Los Angeles.

Lazenby changed the doctor’s address to see him
According to documents, the motel office had a room in Anglewood.
The case was brought before a federal Los Angeles court.

Official documents showing new Leznby addresses
Incorrect medical signatures on incorrect instructions and orders
Oxycodone, Hydrocodone and de Daleral will be sent to the specified address
In it the petition took possession of the contract. At the reception
Drugs, Lesnby used the Dark Web and Craigslist to advertise
Drugs for sale.

Lorenby was arrested on October 1, 2011 in a hotel room in Torrance.
It worked under a pseudonym. He is looking for his hotel room
And police seized 19 grams of drugs from the car
Metafetamine, oxidodone tablets, prescribed names
Identity theft and sealing the victim’s name
Doctor, proven evidence.

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Canucks fraudster sentenced to 20 years in prison for buying drugs on black website

In Florida, he was accused of using personal information on dirty Internet purchases and registering a credit card.