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60% of malware extensions were intended to steal from the first quarter of 19-20-20

Done 2 September 2019

Safety researchers have reported a catastrophic disaster around the world
These are bad software programs that steal to steal money and money
The first is in 2019. About 30,000 deposits were added during the quarter
More than 60% compared to 18,500 in the first quarter.

In the first quarter, unhealthy banking increased by 60 percent.
Trojan horse is one of the fastest growing and new blockchain related to stock markets
And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this
C Pers Perski Laboratory.

They quickly return the money from the bank accounts for customers,
But sometimes they just change their mind to motivate them in other ways
Verified error is often changed in the right program
Banknotes. If the customer tries to go to his real bank
These can be installed with the program.

In the first quarter of 2019, Kaspersky Lab received 30,000 updates
Various banking families in Trojans, 312 235, who especially try to attack them

The arrival of a free financial program is a sign of crisis.
Especially since we see terrorists against proliferation
Mechanism, Viktor Chebishev, security researcher at Kaspersky Lab,
Pronunciation in words.

For example, the last form hides banking Trojans in A.
Screen recorder showing how the device works
Security radar that detects contamination on arrival.
Chebyshev added.

The new version of Asacubware Laver represents 58.4%
All Trojans or users of the bank are said to have been destroyed. Asakub
It was introduced in 2015. The last two years.
Shipping is predetermined and malware appeared in 2018.
Attack 13,000 readers in one day.

Since then, the power of distribution has stopped
Construction of lethal diseases will continue in the first quarter of 2019. Kasiki Kasmal Laboratory bought Asakabin
An average of 8200 users per day. Morbidity reduction
Trojan ads are always included
Trust information will be stored in the Office Fee App Office

According to Kaspersky Lab, 843,096,461 drugs were seized
Malicious attack to build resource network 203

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