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2 people buy a guaranteed credit card of USD 1.7k for 500 liters using a stolen credit card

In Sessapa, two people from the East Bay were arrested at a gas station. Use a fake credit card
Estimates: $ 17,200 for gas.

San Jose police arrested 28-year-old Demi Adams and Dendra Mel from Pittsburgh.
On Wednesday, workers found men using credit card numbers to get more fuel.
Safeway gas station on Kotal Street.

Police announced the suspects around 1 p.m., after receiving a call from the credit union.

The suspects claim that two trucks and one truck were loaded at sea at the same time.
It must be the 1700s.

Credit card credit card requires him to remove a credit card from a dirty website.

Police said their team would investigate the matter and have Adams and Miles chase and see if anyone comes or not.
Work with other similar events in San Jose and the Bay Area.

He is thought to have been arrested for stealing a credit card and taken to the Santa Clara County jail for theft.
The beauty of worship and stealing

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