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1st quarter 2009 spam report

darknet 1st quarter 2009 spam report
Darknet 1st quarter 2009 spam report

Made on July 18, 2019

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It’s Valentine’s Day
Meanwhile, fraud is a fun day designed to protect your personal information.
Blue blind users, like credit card information. Topics used by criminals include online stores and everyday flowers.
Website But customers are often invited to donate to someone who loves and buys drugs like Viagra. Click that click
Based on the letter in the letter, details of the victims death due to a cybercrime were sent.

New apple products
Apples new product was introduced in late March, as usual, and quickly became a scam. Switch
This phenomenon is fueled by numerous attempts to send users to fake websites that disrupt Apples business. compare
Visit the site via Apple email and try turning off your device after a few hours
The correct photo will be displayed on Apple’s identity page.

FAKE sponsors
Email fraud is one of the most common forms of online fraud
His voice was loud. Links are available on the support page (including comments) for news conferences
And that suit.

All of our programs in the first quarter had one thing:
Help with any questions related to one company or another
Products and promises professional and professional services
He is known for being willing to wait for help. Of course, it’s not a gift.
This does not mean that users do not have their problems, but they should
It was also attracted.

INSTAGRAM New pressure
Last year, violence and other reports spread the news and spread to the rest of the world.
This continues because fraud uses the services and never gives up.
Comment and sign up for accounts, donations, donations and entertainment to share content.

Advertisers use similar techniques to make sacrifices for expensive goods or services. like that
In such projects, customers are often asked for all types of information, from name to bank. The other one
All users are involved in maintaining their information.

Spiritual heart
During the first quarter, we wrote stories about fraud through electronic information systems that became an important substitute
for internal work
Invoice for valid email account. The scammer will try to convince the recipient to follow a trivial URL
Confirm an account or change payment information. In some cases, specific supply chains and names and services are used
Some websites are called victims in false statements.

Warning about EI ab
In the first quarter we saw a significant increase in email addresses (AHCs) in email payments in the United States.
System dealing with large business and small business transactions. Everything has bad details
The level of injury acquired by clients or companies. All articles contain negative reviews
Download malware links (in documents and documents).

Our jewelry works in the world
In this quarter, we highlight the important aspect of this message. Apparently, the articles were sent to the big companies
Attract some voters. Applicants are required to register to apply for free
Special tools have been installed on your computer for information. This is useful when I try to download a cloud service plan
The DDoS security window displays message 7 to link to the rental companys website (that
Several prominent print company names were used during the trip. If the user downloads, it is not a valid doc file
Trojan.MSOffice.SAgent.gen is downloaded to your computer after Trojan- Banker.Win32.Gozi.bqr.

Wiki cryptocurrency category:
As expected, interest in cybercrime has not diminished. Spammers provide a cryptocurrency below
Clients use isolation. In the first quarter of 2019 we discovered a new system of scams that could send messages over the
There are allegations against the CIA employee, who has the right to appeal to digital control recipients
Child pornography

Al-Jallad, whose name differs from the letter, said in the letter, that the victim’s information was found in the file.
(Actually collected from social media / online discussions / forum meetings etc.) seems to be global
Find more than 2,000 child molesters in 27 countries around the world. However, the staff knew
The victim was an educated man with a reputation for protecting the 10,000 yen he needed for the Bitcoin contract.

Athletes fear that personal information is under your control
Scammers used the same tactics as last year, which demanded access
Personal information, including pornography, etc. But this time
To make the news more satisfying and scary, he had to work for the CIA
With Bogeman.

Differentiation in the business sector
In the first quarter, rankings fall into the category of serious spam threats. Content that reflects real business,
And relevant community messages can be found directly in the message.

We also see malicious emails intended to steal financial information from domestic companies through distribution.
Receipt orders are used by US companies for information services. Nothing but assault
In all text. Apparently, the failure of writing forced the victim to open the documents attached to him
Trojan.MSOffice.Alien.gen, which you can download Trojan-Banker.Win32.Trickster.gen to your computer.

Simple for the bank
The central bank establishes itself as an excellent advertising asset. Misleading people try to convey their message
Change the correct domain of an email address, copy an official email, make a valid request,
And in the first quarter, Fischer used crowdfunding sessions to capture the victim with a message he clearly received, for
example, the so-called.
They comment on a terrorist attack on Christchurch on their bodies. Attackers hope it will do more
The Bank of New Zealand added a positive message as a sender. The email says that the bank has imported some
New security features that require the use of information in your account.

The New Zealand bank account link page is correct and automatically eliminates any user harm. All information received
Click the Show button and the site will be rejected for an investment offense.

On March 1, March’s junk volume was 56.33%. World Traffic Spam Rate
Thats 55.97%, which is almost the same as the fourth quarter of 2018 (+0.07 points).

Most of the spam was on the Russian Internet in January (56.19%). Average price per month
55.48%, 2.01 p.p. This is higher in the fourth quarter.

National water sources
As usual, litter came from China (15.82%) and the United States (12.64%). Second level, Germany, UK
It came fifth in the first line (5.86%), followed by Russia (6.98%) and Brazil (6.95%). H.
France (4.26%), Argentina (3.42%), Poland (3.36%) and India (2.58%) are in the top six.
Vietnam (2.18%).

2019 in my first quarter, e. Spam share (max 2 KB) increased in 2018, quarter 7.14 pm P., about 73.98%, chapter 25
KB messages decreased by 8.27% (products 3.15). Table 1020 KB reported spam 5.11%, 1.08 hp Q4. Share
2,050 KB content is 3.00% (up 0.32 percentage points for the fourth year of 2018)

In the first quarter of 2019, the most common malware among communicators was Exploit.MSOffice.CVE-2017-11882 which has 7.73% ing
Backdoor.Win32.Androm is second (7.62%) and Worm.Win32.WBVB is third (4.80%). The fourth position is another force.
Use Microsoft Office Exploit.MSOffice.CVE-2018-0802 (2.81%) and current Trojan-Spy.Win32 (2.42%).
Top 5

The country is responsible for conducting international research.
The first in the 3 most popular countries on the list is the number of antivirus products and benefits for Germany (11.88%) with
Vietnam is the second country (6.24%) while Russia is the third country (5.70%).

Result: fish
In the first quarter of 2019, fraud protection decreased by 111,832,308 attempts to direct users to the wrong site, 12.11% of all
Consumers are protesting all over the world.

In the first quarter of 2019, Brazil was the country with the highest number of people adopting the protocol, 21.66% compared to
the previous quarter.
1.53 p.p.

The second and eighth place was in Australia (17.20%) 2.42 pp. Still 4.46 pages After Brazil. The Spaniards rose
The position was 16.96% (p. 0.87), Portugal (16.86%) and Venezuela (16.72%) in fifth place.

Evaluate the attacks of different parties
The organization is based on the discovery of a laboratory against Kaspersky
Additives. Open it whenever the user opens it
Test your site by clicking on an email link or social media links
The result of a cowardly message or action. At these points
The organization has access to pages in the browser that remind the user

The banking sector is now at the forefront of lending
in addition, it was 5.23% compared to the fourth quarter of last year.

Web services (19.82%), second in the category of paid subscribers
Other topics related to financial institutions
In the third (17.33%).

In the first quarter of 2019, the total balance of e-mails was 0.06 p.p. 55.97% are more likely to cheat
At the time of the crime, there were more than 111,832,308 stories, and 35,220,650 were reported.

As before, developers will not miss how to use the above
Discussing Your Goals (Launching Apple in New Zealand)
Bullying). Other times sex never ends.
To this end, the criminals are insured again and start
Information on job creation.

In addition, developers use the platform to reach and launch marketing campaigns.
Use your nose to increase your size.

Source: Kaspersky RU Laboratory [

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